Wanderings & Meanderings-Fine Art Prints by Kushal Ruia

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Wanderings & Meanderings:Fine Art Photography by Kushal Ruia.
Click on this link to purchase a premium book showcasing a select collection of my pictures from 2008
(If you are in India,place order directly through me to save on shipping)
2008 Collection ((...
By Kushal Ruia
Hello!Welcome to my photography home.Am Toronto/Bombay based animator/film maker by profession who is also into fine art photography.This is a work in progress site.A lot needs to change in terms of interface and content.
But until then,please feel free to browse,comment ,critique and by all means purchase! (If you are not able to purchase from this site,please mail me & I will resolve the issue)
Email: info@kushalruia.com
Phone:+ 91 98 21159944

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